Thursday, September 3, 2009

classroom prep

The last 3 weeks have been absolute craziness for me. Summer camp wrapped up, Living History at the museum kicked in (with over 100 degree weather), I got a sinus infection or the flu (not sure which) during Living History weekend and right at the beginning of this week.

Monday kicked off my first official day at Woodcrest! Nervousness and fear, soon gave way to joy and comfort. God totally knew what He was doing when He placed me here. All those months of unsureness and searching have lead me to a wonderful staff and a school who seeks to serve the Lord with all they are.

Teachers meetings are not exactly the most envigorating thing to be in for hours on end, but throughout my meetings I have been encouraged, challenged and stretched in my faith. I am for sure the "baby" of the staff. Everyone else is at the least 3 years older than me and at most.. well we won't reveal those ages! :)
We have talked about how to give our students a Christ centered education, how to be examples living and breathing for our students of the gospel, and how we can challenge each other as well as our students to be better stewards with what God has blessed us with.

I've worked from 8 until almost 6 every night trying to get my room ready so that I could work on lesson plans. After a full week, I think I may be at a point where I can say my room is finished! :)
I can't wait to meet my kids and get to know them and begin the real challenge-- making Christ centered history come alive for them.
I'm praying God will use me in whatever ways He has that He alone knows. I know that all I can do now is say, "Here am I.. Send me!"


Laurie said...

:D!!!!! I'm so excited! Take pictures!

Mandie said...

you should start blogging again... i know you don't have much time for it, but i enjoyed the reading! :)